Winterval – Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Winterval in Downtown Fort Wayne!

Be sure to stop by the Warm Heart Market at the Community Center (233 W. Main Street) between noon and 5pm, where I’ll have a table with my quotable critters, art items, and my short story collection. Here’s a preview of some of the items as I was putting together my displays:

Large trifold wire display with individual compartments housing small crochet critters.A smaller wire display holding magnets, stickers, a keychain, and pin along with a box supporting larger crochet critters in front.

I have a new display for my crochet critters, which will hopefully make them easier for shoppers to see all of the options I have available–because they’re all different! I’ve also developed a few new designs, including the jellyfish, the pigs, and the penguins for Winterval!

Close up of a set of magnets, a pin, a keychain, and three different stickers featuring cover art and quotes.

In addition to the crochet critters, I have several art items featuring cover art and quotes from my stories, including small magnets, keychains, pins, and several different designs of stickers. The art prints, mousepads, books, and free coloring pages didn’t even make it into my pictures! You’ll just have to visit the Warm Heart Market tomorrow to see everything and to take advantage of all of the other Winterval activities downtown as well!

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