Fish and Fools is available!

At long last, “Fish and Fools” is available in Stupefying Stories 1.17! It looks like my story is the first one in the issue, so you should be able to check it out on the Amazon book preview. Enjoy!

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Read an Ebook Week at Smashwords!

It’s Read an Ebook Week at Smashwords from today until March 11th!

For the occasion, I’ve just published my short story “Changing Keys,” which originally appeared in Outposts of Beyond, on Smashwords. For this week only, you can get it for free with the coupon code SFREE!

During this week, you can also get half off my collection Sorcery & Spaceships, which includes seven science fiction and fantasy stories. Use the coupon code RAE50 at checkout.


Changing Keys

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Campbell Award Eligibility

Even though my work has been published before, this is the first year that I am eligible to be nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. The award requires a published work to have a certain level of circulation/payment in order to make a writer eligible (you can read the details here). If you scroll down from the informational sections on the Campbell Award page, you can find a list of eligible writers grouped by first and second year of eligibility. Check them out, read what you can, and nominate what you love!

I’ve never really paid attention to my awards eligibility before, but I suppose any of my stories that were first published last year are also eligible for other awards. You can find them on the “Stories” page, organized by publication year. Enjoy!

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The Best of Both Worlds is available!

My story “Retirement,” which originally appeared last year in Outposts of Beyond, has been reprinted in The Best of Both Worlds Vol. 1!

The Best of Both Worlds

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A Small Kindness is available!

“A Small Kindness” is now available in the November issue of Frost Fire Worlds!

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Running Into the Rain is available!

“Running Into the Rain” is now available in Aurealis #95!

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Sci-Fi Central Mini Convention

I’m going to be a panelist at the Sci-Fi Central Mini Convention this Saturday, October 1st. The event is at Science Central in Fort Wayne, Indiana and has a variety of science fiction and fantasy activities planned. I’ll be participating in two panels discussing books and their movie adaptations: the first, at 1pm, focuses on science fiction stories, and the second, at 4pm, addresses fantasy stories. If you’re in the area this weekend, check it out!

Sci-Fi Central Mini Convention

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