Sorcery & Widgets: Collections 1 & 2

Published: October 2019 | Genre: Multiple | Length: ~85,000 words

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Explore new worlds—both magical and those among the stars—in this collection of science fiction and fantasy stories.

From novelettes to flash fiction, this collection features sixteen exciting stories. Mages, new tech, prophecies, superheroes, intersecting timelines, pirates, shapeshifters, dragons, spaceships, and more await within the pages of Sorcery & Widgets.

Includes 16 stories (also collected in Sorcery & Spaceships and Widgets and Wizardry) : Claimed by the Sea, Konstantin, Dear Superhero, Racing the Sand, Retirement, A Small Kindness, H2O, Inheritance of Nightmares, Sparkles, Changing Keys, Nothing Altered, The Day the Future Invaded, Trying to Fly, Running Into the Rain, Captain Sable’s Crew, A Prophecy and the People