About Beth

Beth Powers writes science fiction and fantasy stories. Recently, she has started designing art items based on her writing and crocheting tiny animals. Having earned a doctorate by reading dusty old pirate tales, Powers currently works in IT, using her tech wizard skills to problem-solve and assist others with technology. She lives in Indiana, and most of her stories are collected in her book, Sorcery & Widgets. Check out the “All Stories” page for links to her work.

3 Responses to About Beth

  1. Moon says:

    Nice site, Beth! Sorry I haven’t checked in sooner. You are doing good work!

  2. Moon says:

    Oh, you have to tell me where to find these easy to use widgets! Mine are too hidden for people to see. Yours are up close and personal. : )

    • Beth Powers says:

      I sent a more detailed reply, but in case anyone else reads this and is interested, my widgets are either those available from WordPress or text widgets with HTML (to provide an image and a link) pasted in. I’m glad you like the site, and thanks for checking it out!

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