Wrap-up of Recent Events + Sales

Last Thursday Event at Hyde Brothers

There was a great turnout at the Last Thursday event at Hyde Brothers in October, where I read two stories from my collection Sorcery & Widgets, along with two local poets reading their work. I appreciate Hyde Brothers putting together the event and always supporting local authors!

Midnight Sale at Hyde Brothers – Tonight!

If you missed the reading, you can still pick up a signed copy of Sorcery & Widgets at Hyde Brothers, and check out their selection of other books as well. Tonight they are having a midnight sale from 10pm to 2am with discounts, deals, and holiday fun!

Hoosier Indie Authors Book Fair

I had a great time at the Hoosier Indie Authors Book Fair at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Indiana, where I had a table with my book, art items, and a selection of crochet quotable critters. I enjoyed chatting with everyone who came by the table and seeing the variety of books and authors in attendance. It was a very nice event, and I look forward to many more!

Smashwords End of Year Sale – Now!

The End of Year Sale at Smashwords started this week and runs through January 1st. During the sale, you can get seven of my stories (Trying to Fly, H2O, Running Into the Rain, Claimed by the Sea, A Prophecy and the People, Retirement, and Changing Keys) for free, and my collection Sorcery & Widgets, which includes 16 science fiction and fantasy stories, for 75% off. Check out the covers and descriptions below!

Free Stories:

Trying to Fly – Fantasy Novelette

Chiara’s parents were taken by the Guardians when she was a child, and she never felt like she belonged on her aunt and uncle’s farm. They fear the power she wields, but Chiara intends to marry a nice farmer and let them forget she even exists. Or, that was her plan until a stranger fell from the sky and disrupted all of their lives.

H2O – Urban Fantasy Short Story

Love, betrayal, loss, and regret. She refuses to cry over the man she once loved. But he asked her to have one last drink for him, and at the very least, she owes him that.

Running Into the Rain – Science Fiction Short Story

On the run from the citymen, intergalactic spy Greg Meredith has one hope of figuring out who is responsible for blowing his cover. He needs to escape his enemies and review the data on his neurochip. Running toward the ranchlands in the rain, he will encounter unexpected allies and enemies before he uncovers the truth.

Claimed by the Sea – Fantasy Novelette

The sea does not relinquish treasures. The mender understands and has no intention of saving the water-logged woman until he notices the islands on her arm. She is a Guardian. Guardians protect the islands. Guardians call dragons from the sky.

Itziar knows this island needs a Guardian–children are being snatched under the cover of storm and darkness–but can she save them without losing herself?

A Prophecy and the People – Fantasy Short Story

When the Bard’s tale is interrupted by soldiers from the fire king’s army, she must try to escape the town without letting her unpredictable magic destroy it. But the question is, have the townspeople been listening to her tale of prophecy and action? Will they aid her, or turn her over to the soldiers? Each person must decide for themselves.

Retirement – Science Fiction Short Story

With the intergalactic war over, they were supposed to be enjoying retirement. Instead, Mona learns that her husband has died in a gravcar accident, leaving her to hunt his killers. But the couple has too many enemies, and she doesn’t know where to start. She’ll have to untangle this new threat before she can retire in peace.

Changing Keys – Urban Fantasy Short Story

Everyone thinks Niall is dead, which leads him to believe he can finally get his life back on track. But when his old enemies return with a plan that involves a dangerous magical update, Niall must choose between the safety of those closest to him and the woman he loved and lost.

75% off:

Explore new worlds—both magical and those among the stars—in this collection of science fiction and fantasy stories.

From novelettes to flash fiction, this collection features sixteen exciting stories. Mages, new tech, prophecies, superheroes, intersecting timelines, pirates, shapeshifters, dragons, spaceships, and more await within the pages of Sorcery & Widgets.

The collection includes 16 science fiction and fantasy stories: Claimed by the Sea, Konstantin, Dear Superhero, Racing the Sand, Retirement, A Small Kindness, H2O, Inheritance of Nightmares, Sparkles, Changing Keys, Nothing Altered, The Day the Future Invaded, Trying to Fly, Running Into the Rain, Captain Sable’s Crew, and A Prophecy and the People.

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!

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