Smashwords End of Year Sale

On Sale – Now through January 1, 2022

The Smashwords End of Year Sale has already begun and runs through January 1, 2022! Here’s a round up of my items in the sale:

75% Off:

Sorcery & Widgets, a 16-story science fiction and fantasy collection, including most of those listed individually below plus a few more:

Free through January 1st:

Captain Sable’s Crew, a fantasy story:

Fish and Fools, a fantasy story:

A Prophecy and the People, a fantasy story:

Racing the Sand, a fantasy story:

Retirement, a science fiction story:

Running Into the Rain, a science fiction story:

Sparkles, a science fiction story:

H2O, an urban fantasy story:

Changing Keys, an urban fantasy story:

Always free:

The Day the Future Invaded, a flash fiction story:

Dear Superhero, a flash fiction story:

Konstantin, a science fiction story:

Nothing Altered, a fantasy story:

A Small Kindness, a fantasy story:

Happy reading and enjoy the New Year!

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