New Story + Smashwords Sale

Stupefying Stories #23: Recently Released!

My story, “Brimstone and Brine,” is out in Stupefying Stories #23. It’s available in paperback and ebook versions, and the issue includes interior illustrations (in color in the ebook!) in addition to this fantastic cover art:

Cover of Stupefying Stories #23: man standing on street looking at futuristic city at night, sci-fi concept, illustration painting

In “Brimstone and Brine,” the Bard carves a tale filled with adventure, sacrifice, and a demanding dragon. Along with my story, the issue includes eleven other stories of different lengths and genres. Check them out for yourself!

Smashwords Sale: Happening Now!

Poster for Read an Ebook Week at (through March 13, 2021). 75% off Sorcery & Widgets with coupon code EBW75 and Fish and Fools for free with coupon code EW100.

I’m late with my announcement, but Read an Ebook Week is happening this week at Smashwords–it ends Saturday, March 13th. I have two ebooks in the sale this year:

(And I’m happy to have reached the point where I have enough published stories that I can draw connections between the characters in them…)

If you enjoy “Brimstone and Brine” in Stupefying Stories #23, you can get another of the Bard’s tales, “Fish and Fools” for free during the sale (I think the sale coupons are automatic now, but just in case, the code is EW100). “Fish and Fools” was originally published in a now out-of-print issue of Stupefying Stories, but it lives on as an ebook.

Sticking with my theme, the Bard also makes an appearance in “A Prophecy and the People,” which can be found in my story collection, Sorcery & Widgets. During the Smashwords sale, Sorcery & Widgets is 75% off, making it only $1.49 (with the code EBW75). The collection includes a range of sixteen science fiction and fantasy stories from novelettes to flash fiction–something for every reader!


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