Free Book – Today Only!

If all had gone as planned this year, October 4th would have been my day to participate in a Local Author Meet and Greet as part of the Get Lit events at Promenade Park presented by Hyde Brothers Booksellers in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Unfortunately, since all of the Get Lit events have been canceled, you won’t have the opportunity to listen to me read an excerpt and answer questions about my book in person.

Instead, today only, you can use the coupon code YS95L (the coupons might be automatic now, but just in case, here it is) to get an ebook of my science fiction and fantasy collection, Sorcery & Widgets, for free at Smashwords. Even though we can’t chat in person at Promenade Park today, you can read the stories on your own and let me know what you think through a review, a post, or the contact form on my website. I even made up some book-club style questions a while ago if you want to tell your friends and start a discussion. Either way, enjoy!

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