Authors Give Back Sale at Smashwords

Smashwords is running an Authors Give Back Sale from March 20th to April 20th to give readers access to more books during social isolation and closures due to COVID-19. If you’re looking for something to read, you can browse the books on sale, and all of my ebooks are free during the sale with the coupon code AG100.

The easiest way to get all of my stories at once is to download my collection Sorcery & Widgets, which contains all 16 stories that I currently have on Smashwords. Each of those stories is also available individually, and in its original collection: Sorcery & Spaceships (Collection 1) includes 7 of the stories, while Widgets & Wizardry (Collection 2) includes the other 9, but it’s much more efficient to go with Sorcery & Widgets (Collections 1 & 2). If you’re interested in a particular genre or length, check out the menu under “All Stories” at the top of my website.

Whichever you choose, I would love to hear about your reading experience! It doesn’t have to be a formal review (although those are great too!)–you can comment here or on social media, post a picture of you reading, or send me a comment directly through the “Contact Beth” page on my website.

I was recently discussing book clubs and book club questions with another local author, so I’ll leave you with some questions to ponder about while you read my collection:

  1. Which story did you like best, and why?
  2. What themes or ideas did you find that carried through more than one story, or even the entire collection?
  3. Who was your favorite character, and why? (an alternate version of this one: Which character would you most like to meet?)
  4. Which story makes you want to see what happens next?
  5. Which story would make the best movie/TV show?
  6. Which characters do you wish you could follow in another adventure?
  7. Which cover art is your favorite? (if you have the ebook of the collection, you’ll have to scroll through a list like the one here to see all of the covers)

Feel free to suggest more questions for the list, and happy reading!

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