A Thief’s Gift to be published somewhere sometime

I received official word that White Cat will no longer be printing Shelter of Daylight; however, they are offering to print contracted works in another one of their magazines sometime within the next year. Since I want to see “A Thief’s Gift” in print, I am taking them up on the offer. It sounds like they are sorting through a whole mess of things, so it might be awhile before I have more details on where and when it will appear.

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  1. echo says:

    I’ve never been published with them before, so I only know what’s going on through your posts. Who did you talk to? I started to e-mail them only to realize I didn’t know who to address. Did you go through your editor? Thanks so much, Beth, without your posts I probably would’ve waited until June, certain they were just falling behind a bit.

  2. Beth Powers says:

    I was going to track you down to make sure you had heard, but I thought maybe you would see this, so I’m glad you responded. You can read the official announcement on their website http://samsdot.com/, but I found Dora Badger’s post far more helpful for contributors https://www.facebook.com/notes/white-cat-publications/navigating-the-sams-dot-transition-smoother-sailing/514925291905006 (not sure if it will let me link that since it’s Facebook). What it boils down to is that White Cat bought Sam’s Dot and was supposed to publish everything accepted or contracted. Conflicts between the two entities resulted in White Cat not knowing everything that Sam’s Dot had accepted/contracted. So, they’re asking contributors to forward contracts (the email address is in Dora’s post). They will then pay you and either release the story to you or offer to publish it in one of White Cat’s magazines (possibly not the one it was contracted for). My email correspondence with Dora has indicated that they will not be continuing to publish Shelter of Daylight, so for you and me, it would be publication in another of their magazines, although it could take up to a year (it actually sounds like it is going to take them several months just to sort out their contracts and publication schedules). I’m not in any hurry, so I decided to have “A Thief’s Gift” published with White Cat, although I don’t know where or when it will appear. I hope this helps, and I hope you get it sorted out with them as well!

    • echo says:

      I can’t thank you enough for helping me out. It’ll be wonderful to be able to straighten everything out. On a somewhat related note, I referenced you on my blog and put in a link to your “Nothing Altered”.
      I don’t know if that would bother you or not, but if you have a problem with it, there’s nothing I can’t edit. Thanks again.

  3. Beth Powers says:

    No problem! If it’s any help, Dora (who seems to have taken over getting everything straightened out) responded to my emails in a timely manner, and she seems helpful and determined to get everything resolved.

    I don’t have any problem with you mentioning me and “Nothing Altered” on your blog–it’s good advertisement! Thanks!

  4. Beth Powers says:

    Okay, so now it looks like “A Thief’s Gift” might still be published in Shelter of Daylight. The newest post from Dora at White Cat says: “Already-contracted stories will appear in the publications for which they were contracted, but some issues may be consolidated (so if you had a story slated to appear in Cover of Darkness 16, it may appear in Cover of Darkness 15). We’ll get the issues out within one calendar year. This means that if you had a story slated to appear in, say, Aoife’s Kiss then some time in the next year it will appear Aoife’s Kiss. Contributors’ copies will be issued for those magazines which provided them in the past” (https://www.facebook.com/notes/white-cat-publications/the-white-cat-sams-dot-transition-a-way-forward/518300558234146). But it looks like Shelter of Daylight will not be continued after that publish-all-of-the-stories-already-contracted-for issue because it’s not on the Sam’s Dot page of the White Cat site (http://samsdot.com/).

    • echo says:

      I e-mailed Dora and she said that they are publishing one last issue of Shelter of Daylight. I wanted to make sure because I thought ours was the latest issue. Just thought I’d let you know for certain.

      • Beth Powers says:

        That’s good to know for sure–while helpful, the White Cat posts are not always clear (which is understandable since they are trying to answer all the questions at once) about what it means for individual magazines/submissions. It’s good to know that our work gets to be published where it was originally supposed to appear.

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