A Prophecy and the People + Smashwords Sale!

“A Prophecy and the People,” which originally appeared in Outposts of Beyond (April 2018), is now available as an individual story on Smashwords and Amazon! (I’ll update the story page when it becomes available at the other ebook stores)

As a bonus, the Smashwords July Summer/Winter sale is happening now, and I’ve added “A Prophecy and the People” to the sale–you can get it for free until the end of the month with the coupon code SS100!

A Prophecy and the People

If you missed any of my other stories, they’re also available for free throughout the remainder of the sale, which ends July 31st. You can find the list on my author page on Smashwords. Please note, Fell Beasts & Fair is on the list, but isn’t part of the sale. I’m just a contributor on that one, so I don’t control the coupons, but everything else is free with the coupon code SS100!

Happy Reading!

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