A Thief’s Gift will not be published by White Cat Publications

This morning, I received an email from Dora Badger (who has been managing the White Cat/ Sam’s Dot transition), indicating, among other things, that she is leaving White Cat (you can read the long version here). When White Cat cut all ties with former Sam’s Dot editors last spring and asked contributors to sign a contract addendum, I did because my story had been accepted and I wanted to see it in print. However, since then, I have not been paid (which was part of the terms of the contract addendum), and I have had difficulty getting clear (or in some cases, any) responses from individuals at White Cat, with the exception of Ms. Badger. And I would like to mention that I always received prompt responses from Ms. Badger, and I believe she was doing as much as she could to get things resolved and back on track.

“A Thief’s Gift” has been in limbo for over a year (it was originally accepted a year ago yesterday) and I have been patient with White Cat as they have sorted things out, but it is time for me to move on. I wrote an email this morning to withdraw another story that I had submitted to Conjurings (another White Cat publication) in March, and I just sent an email to the owner of White Cat Publications to terminate the contract for “A Thief’s Gift” due to the fact that they have not upheld their end of the agreement.

I’m sorry that it ended this way, and I’m sorry that you won’t be seeing “A Thief’s Gift” in print any time soon, but I’m glad that I can stop wondering when/if the story will be published and start submitting it elsewhere.

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