Vote for “Nothing Altered” to be in Plasma Frequency’s Year One Anthology!

For Plasma Frequency‘s Year One Anthology, readers can vote on one story from each issue, and the stories that receive the most votes will appear in the anthology along with the editor’s choice from each issue. My story “Nothing Altered” appeared in Issue 4, so if you read and enjoyed it, go here to fill out a brief survey about the magazine and vote. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read “Nothing Altered” and the other great stories in Plasma Frequency‘s first six issues, you can read/download them for free on Smashwords. According to the editor, you don’t have to vote for a story from each issue, but I would recommend at least browsing through all the issues to see if anything catches your attention–I’m still reading the ones I had missed, but there are interesting stories in every issue! 

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1 Response to Vote for “Nothing Altered” to be in Plasma Frequency’s Year One Anthology!

  1. Beth Powers says:

    I forgot to mention voting ends June 30, 2013. And there are giveaways you can enter–go to Plasma Frequency’s website for all the details!

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